Sunday, December 4, 2011

Owen turns Five

We went to Disneyland on the day of Owen's 5th birthday. Dawn's family and my mom joined us for this special day. Thank you Shauna for watching Dawson for us.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dawson's first birthday

We celebrated Dawson turning 1 at the park in our neighborhood. Dawson dove into his cake and got a little shy when we sang happy birthday. Dawson, is getting good at walking across the family room, can take around 4-5 steps before falling. He loves playing with balls, likes to take baths, and enjoys wrestling with his brothers. It's hard to believe he is a year old. Thank you family for all his birthday gifts and for attending his 1 year old birthday party.

Dawson's sporting the Jean diaper

Dixie Sign

Jake, Jaden, & Owen climb to the Dixie sign in St. George.

Owen says

Owen says to me while we were swimming, "Mom, why can you touch the bottom of the pool and I can't." My reply, "Because you have to be five feet." Owen says, "Five feet....., you don't have feet."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dawson update

Dawson is now standing on his own. Is able to go from sitting to standing without holding onto anything. Is taking a couple steps prior to falling. Weighs 18 pounds. Enjoys wrestling with his brothers. Is learning to crawl down the stairs. Did not like whole milk so we went back to formula. Will finish the can of formula and go back to trying whole milk. Likes rolling around in his blankets on the floor, and gives high five. Last but not least, whenever Jake comes through the doors after work Dawson is always looking for Jake's pen hanging from the top of his ear. Dawson enjoys taking it off and trying to put it back on.

Dragon Award

Jaden received the Dragon Award from school. This reward is a result of good attendance and academics. Great job Jaden. The whole family was there to support him.